The Impact of Literacy Coaches

The Impact of Literacy Coaches in SKSD
Posted on 03/05/2024
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The Impact of Literacy Coaches in the South Kingstown School District


In the South Kingstown School District, the role of literacy coaches is pivotal in shaping the future of students. This was evident when we had a conversation with Ruby and Kelly, two dedicated literacy coaches, who shared their experiences and insights.

Kelly and Ruby's typical day is packed with a whirlwind of activities. They shared, "Our work directly impacts students. We work closely with teachers, helping them to improve literacy instruction and implement the latest research and best practices."

The significance of literacy coaches in the educational system is incredible. Kelly emphasized this point by stating, "Literacy is the foundation of all learning. Our role as literacy coaches is to ensure that every student has the necessary reading and writing skills to succeed."

Their work is always evolving. Ruby mentioned, "We're constantly finding new ways to deliver the best possible instruction."

The most rewarding aspect of their job is witnessing the positive impact of their work on students. Ruby shared a success story of a student who, with their help, made tremendous progress in reading and writing. In her words, "It's moments like these that remind us why we do what we do."

The dedication that Kelly and Ruby show towards their mission is truly inspiring. Their work as literacy coaches is making a significant difference in the South Kingstown School District. Ruby encapsulated their sentiment perfectly when she said, "The success of our students is the best measure of our success." That success has been shown through impressive growth in students' STAR assessment and RICAS data.

Through the work of literacy coaches like Kelly and Ruby, the South Kingstown School District is building a brighter future for its students. Their role is a testament to the benefits of having dedicated literacy coaches in schools.