FY24 Referendum Information

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The proposed referendum to reduce the School Department’s budget is based on misinformation. The authors of the referendum took information from two separate budget documents, cobbled them together, and used them to falsely claim that the School Department has a budget surplus.
The information was taken from this year to date budget report run on May 1st 2023 and the number used "2,127,903" is shown in the "Available Budget" column. This is essentially a checking account for the rest of the fiscal year. As we approach the end of the fiscal year on June 30th that number will go down as we pay vendors, substitutes etc...we will run the report again and show you that number has decreased. This link is the same year to date budget report run on May 24th that "2,127,903" number is now "1,292,169".
It's important to note that this report shows the district as financially responsible. We have enough money to pay all of our bills through the end of the year. Our CFO expects to be around 200 to 300k at year end.
To give you a complete picture of our financials, below are the relevant budget documents for FY24.

Slideshow from May 31st Facebook Live
Most Recent Per Pupil Expenditure
Fiscal Year 2023 - 2024 Proposed Budget FY24 (School Committee Adopted February 14, 2023)
Proposed Budget Summary FY24

Revenue Summary
Expenditure Summary

Expenditure Detail
Expenditure by Location
Budget Summary by Fund

Budget Presentation March 7, 2023 (School Committee Meeting)
Budget Presentation
 March 15, 2023  (Town Council & School Committee Meeting )
Budget and Finance Sub Committee Presentation (Funding Formula)
Federal Grant Overview
SKSD Esser Funds