Enrolling a Student

Steps to register your child in South Kingstown Schools.
1. Review process and required documentations
2. Print out and complete registration forms (SKSD Registration Forms) 
3. Schedule your registration appointment
4. Complete online pre-registration (SKSD Pre-registration) prior to registration appointment

_____ Print all paperwork for registration meeting at SKSD Registration Forms. Call the appropriate person listed below to schedule an appointment to review completed documents. ALL documentation must be brought with you at time of registration appointment.
             Elementary (Grades K through 4):     Terrie Marchesseault -Schedule your registration appointment at  SKSD Elementary Calendar or call (401) 360-1308 
             Broad Rock Middle School (Grades 5 and 6):     Bethany Richards at (401) 360-1805
             Curtis Corner Middle School (Grades 7 and 8):     Janet Skokowski at (401) 360-1360
             South Kingstown High School (Grades 9 through 12):     Margaret Randall at (401) 360-1004

_____ Complete online pre-registration at SKSD Pre-Registration.  This should be done prior to registration meeting.

_____ For families with child(ren) entering Kindergarten, South Kingstown offers two options:  All Day English and Dual Language Immersion.  For further information, visit Kindergarten Program Options and Informational Sessions
            Families interested in entering the DLI lottery will do so at their registration appointment. Residency must be proven to be entered into lottery which will be drawn on March 1, 2019.

Required Registration Documentation

 Birth Certificate (Must be original)  Kindergarten Screening Parental Consent, if applicable
 Home Language Survey  Third Party Release, if applicable
 Request for Transportation Form  Court documentation, if applicable
 Enrollment Data Survey Form     Required Residency Documentation
 Residency Affidavit (This form must be notarized at the time of your signature) WITH one item from each column below
Column A Column B
• Copy of mortgage statement Copy of cable bill
 Copy of property tax bill Copy of electrical bill
 Copy of fully executed lease, rental agreement, letter from landlord Other
                                                                                        Required Medical Documentation
 Student Health History                                                                              School Physical Form with Immunizations
 All forms must be signed by your child’s doctor and must contain the most recent immunizations and up to date physical information.
 Kindergarten Parents:  All children entering kindergarten must have had a lead screening and a vision screening before they can be entered into school.
 Medications/Allergies: Additional documentation is needed for all children requiring medication during school hours or for children known to have a bee sting allergy or severe food allergy.  Please  visit SKSD Student Health Information for further details.

Additional Documentation
Please check if your child receives any of the following services):      _____  IEP      _____  504 Plan      _____ RtI

South Kingstown Integrated Preschool For further information regarding our Integrated Preschool Program, please call Coleen Smith, Early Childhood Coordinator at (401) 360-1207