Enrolling a Student

 School Enrollment packets are available at any of our schools, the administrative offices or you can download the forms to complete at home by clicking the link below.
***Please note that the Residency Affidavit included in the packet must be notarized.

enrollment_pencil0.jpgClick in icon for the packet

Once you have completed the various forms included in the Student Enrollment Packet, you will need to:
A. submit to the school of enrollment if starting now

B. submit to administration if enrolling for upcoming school year

The following items must be submitted with every enrollment:
1. Child's birth certificate. No copies please.
2. Proof of residency evidence

current mortgage payment, lease agreement, rental payment or tax bill for residence
utility such as cable, gas or electric
3. A certified copy of current immunizations, dates must include day, month, year of each dose administered and must be signed by a physician or his/her designee. You will not be able to register your child if you do not bring their up-to-date immunization records with you. The school nurse will inform you about boosters that are needed.

 If there are custody/guardian issues, please bring the appropriate paperwork.